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Publicity Photo - Autumn 1993
L-R: Ron Kuba Jay Bouchard Mike Kuba Dave Carpenter

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Seven Natural Scenes

”Big, dreamy guitar textures.
Lots of atmosphere.”
 -Northeast Performer
”...crisp and accomplished, creating a good 
atmosphere and mood.”




Publicity Photo - 3 June 1996
L-R: Ron Kuba John Orsi Jay Bouchard


the waterside ep

...”shimmering, mellifluous, autumnally gauzy web of melancholia.”
-Camera Obscura
...”swirly, haunting sounds...celestial mystery.”
”...the overall is buoyant and the playing is extremely tasteful.”
         -Providence Phoenix

Feature Article
Providence Journal - Spring 1997
John Ron Jay



Moments of Suspension

an it's Twilight Time compilation




”Blueshift Signal's "Float" is clearly the stand out track, drifting along on a 
sparkling ocean of synthesizers before gliding off into sonorous realms that 
evoke images of flying through billowy extraterrestrial cloud decks.”
-Aural Innovations
”Blueshift Signal, on the other hand, seem to have a delicate keyboard line 
shifting throughout the whole of their piece and concentrate on a melancholic
touch that is modified very slowly throughout the whole of the track.”





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