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Now available!

Aurora Caught Napping

Aurora Arrives!

Aurora Caught Napping, the debut CD from Herd of Mers is now available for your enjoyment! Visit the the it's Twilight Time Shop to purchase your copy.

Daphne Dakota from the office at it's Twilight Time, takes a first listen to Aurora Caught Napping, and reports her findings. Information about the band is now available, along with lyrics for the entire album.

Aurora Caught Napping features a wide array of songsy indiedelic musings played out on guitars, bass and voices by Karen (Riendeau) Orsi, with John Orsi jumping into the fray on percussion, drums, and the occasional odd instrument. The initial tracks were recorded live, with overdubs added where needed.

Rewind...Herd of Mers began as Midge back in 1995, in a quiet apartment known as 'the cave,' with a 4-track cassette recorder, a few guitars, a cup of tea and some ideas knocking around. 'Dirty Shoes' was the first song recorded, and went on to make it into the semi-finals of the Musician Magazine songwriting contest. Midge made a few live appearances in Providence and East Greenwich, Rhode Island, before resting on the shelf for a bit to allow other musical projects to continue.

The original version of 'Dirty Shoes,' recorded in 1995 is presented below. A full-band version will open Herd of Mers' debut CD Auroroa Caught Napping.

'Dirty Shoes' (copyright 1995)

Taking all, your second lives
Must mean a thing, to all your friends
Not to bother, you try to see
The coat in my eyes

No one cares
Nothing is unfair
Leaving out, the choice to choose
Keeping all these dirty shoes


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