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Aurora Caught Napping

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"Abstract enough to allow for one’s own conclusions, but drawn familiar enough to be easily recognized."
--Daphne Dakota
it's Twilight Time

Aurora Caught Napping


Karen (Riendeau) Orsi
principle composer/guitars/vocals/bass

Contributing member of Knitting By Twilight. Alumni of Overflower and Pistolwhip.

Selected Instruments include:
Gibson SG, Fender Telesonic, Gibson ES-335, Baby Taylor, Fender Jazz Bass, Hughes & Kettner ATS Combo amp with GI Joe Beard covering. Various effects devices also dot the landscape, including the Ibanez Tubescreamer, Boss DD5 Delay, Ebow, Slide and PodXT for those 2am recording sessions…

Style and Influence:
Laurie Anderson, Django Reinhardt, Gillian Welch, Marc Ribot, Ani Difranco, Robbie Robertson, PJ Harvey

Selected Discography:
Knitting By Twilight Someone to Break the Silence
Overflower Water On Mars; Flora & Fauna; Under the Ivy;
Moments of Suspension: it’s Twilight Time Compilation
Pistolwhip 'Seeing Red' / on "A Bitter Pill to Swallow": a Providence Music Sample


John Orsi
drumset and percussions
John Orsi

Charter member of Knitting By Twilight.  Alumni of Incandescent Sky
Overflower and Blueshift Signal.

Selected Instruments include:
Pearl Masters kit with a nineteen sixty eight Ludwig super sensitive snare. Metals feature Evelyn Glennie and Terry Bozzio Sabian signature models. Percussion includes: roto toms, a dizzying array of strikers and toy surprises inside.

Style and Influence:
Dame Evelyn Glennie, Kate Bush, Gentle Giant, ‘Starless and Bible Black’, Harold Budd, Alka Yagnik, Eaeyoepia Apbanitakh, Bollywood and Lalo Schifrin’s Mission Impossible TV music. 

Selected Discography:
Knitting By Twilight An Evening Out of Town, Someone to Break the Silence, Heavy Hearts and Safety Nets, Knitting By Twilight.
Incandescent Sky Paths and Angles, Glorious Stereo.
Overflower Water On Mars, Flora & Fauna, Under the Ivy
Moments of Suspension: it’s Twilight Time Compilation
‘Surface and Features’ solo ep Reissued within The Library of Music Series.

A Survey of Remembered Things with Richard Bone
Blueshift Signal the Waterside ep


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