John Orsi



Second Addition in the Library of Music Series just announced!
Song selection and artwork are nearing finalization for the second edition
in the Library of Music series. A retrospective of It Play, the rather adventurous trio
from Boston via Ann Arbor, with our own John Orsi on drumset.
The complete 1980's studio recordings and rare concert material is to be included.
it's Twilight Time presents The Library of Music Series, where within we plan to schedule reissues of both out of print works and releases never before available on compact disc. In addition, rarities compilations, as well as concert sets are being considered. To start with, selected titles will be chosen from the solo projects of John Orsi, as well as his residencies with the groups It Play and The Walters. The debut title in the series will be the reissue of John's Surface and Features ep, featuring performances by David Zinn(Solo/It Play), Peter Moore(Count Zero/Blue Man Group) and Lee Piva(Divas Deray). Exclusive to the re-release will be additional bonus tracks and expanded artwork. NOW AVAILABLE: Visit the it's Twilight Time Shop.
John Orsi Surface and Features......... new cover art - detail

Select Notices From The Original Release
of Surface and Features
Autumn 1989

"Spending The Days" is an Eno-esque instrumental and "The Method," with it's 
alternating heavy and ecstatic keyboards and slowly enunciated vocals reminds me a speck of 
OMD's early drone style.  "In A White Room" is best, with it's tribal drumming and reverberating, 
resonant piano and keyboards ALA Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.  
Lee Piva's high, fragile vocal adds a poignant but joyous note.
Butch and Brenda for The Noise

Drummer Orsi masterfully creates a backdrop of sparse, solid, laid-back drums 
and minimal curtains of digital synthesizers, while John, guest vocalists 
Peter Moore and Lee Piva,and guitarist David Zinn narrate the atmosphere.  
Cerebral space and power.  Recommended.
Music Technology

In which Rhode Island's oldest New Romantic hooks up with some of his peers-each 
of the three tracks offer a different guest star.  David Zinn smears multiplexed early Fripp 
guitar solos over "Spending The Days," with Orsi maintaining polyrhythms of six against 
eight on the Casios. "In A White Room" is awash in Eno echoes and mysterious, 
gorgeous timbres, to which Lee Piva sings something enigmatic.  "The Method" 
sung by Peter Moore, is more obvious in its workings-sounds like radio music.  
But this tape will haunt you.
Michael Bloom for Boston  Rock