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John Orsi
Curiouser and Curiouser

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Charter Member, principal composer/instrumentalist for Music & Art Collective Knitting By Twilight. John also has the drum chair with indiedelic duo Herd of Mers and the percussionist stance with Incandescent Sky.

Alumnus of Overflower and Blueshift Signal, among others.

"Orsi styles somewhat after Bruford...Temperament and thought pervade his craftsmanship,
oft magnified by filigree and shimmering pastels."
--MARC S. TUCKER writing in Progression Magazine


Available now: John has contributed to tracks to Hal McGee's Cassette Compilations #'s 6 and #7. Please visit

Currently recording: follow-up to 'A Room for the Night' as either solo or Knitting By Twilight album.

Released 22 August 2012 John Orsi "A Room for the Night" solo ep.

Released 6 July 2011 Knitting By Twilight 'Weathering" lp.



Select Discography
John Orsi

"A Room for the Night"
"Surface and Features"

Knitting By Twilight

"Riding the Way Back"
"An Evening Out of Town"
An Evening Out of Town
"Someone to Break
the Silence"
"Heavy Hearts & Safety Nets"
"Knitting By Twilight"
Someone to Break the Silence Heavy Hearts and Safety Nets Knitting By Twilight

Herd of Mers
Incandescent Sky
"Aurora Caught Napping"
"Four Faradays in a Cage"
"Paths and Angles"
"Glorious Stereo"
Aurora Caught Napping
Paths and Angles
Moments of Suspension
Water On Mars

Blueshift Signal
Various Artists
"Water On Mars"
"the waterside ep"
"Moments of Suspension"
Aurora Caught Napping
Paths and Angles




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