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A Room for the Night
A Room for the Night - John Orsi

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A Room for the Night

It Happened One Night in the music room. That remark not only references a splendid Frank Capra film, but also aptly describes how this collection of sound designs came into being. Apparently after the scale and scope of 'Weathering', (Knitting By Twilight, it's Twilight Time 2011) a more intimate exploration of percussions - proper and improper, together with odd bits of keyboard, found sounds and field recordings were what was needed.

The parameters I attempted to place around ‘A Room for the Night,’ (silly man!) were limiting the number of tracks and overall length to each work. Fewer and shorter respectively. This in turn allowed for more spontaneous composition and far fewer takes in performance. Guided by whimsy!

Of course you realize I haven't a clue as to what this music is, nor what it means. I'll leave that to the aficionados to determine, file their reports, and then we'll both know.

I do have two suggestions: the use of headphones, and listening twice through, the first time through. Revelation is more revealing the second time around.

- John Orsi, Summer 2012.

The Program:

Crescent Park

Hodges’ Lodge




Companion Wheel

Two Trains Passing in the Night

(not that many trains pass in my nights anymore)

Instruments & sound designs, both proper and improper, played with enthusiasm by John.

All songs ©2012 it’s Twilight Time.
All rights reserved by the artists.

Recorded at In A White Room Autumn/Winter 2011/2012. Illustrations by Kayren Draper ©1939.

Design and lay-out by Karen Orsi /DoverOnKent Design.

Special thanks to: Carrie Hodges (Auzel), and Don Campau/Russell Leach (inside/outside) whose splendid works inspired these recordings. I hasten to add however, that the resulting patter and din within is entirely my fault. Daphne Dakota and all at iTT HQ for your able assistance.




©2012 it's Twilight Time Music. All Rights Reserverd