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An Evening Out of Town

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An Evening Out of Town

“So this is the music accompanying one out of town for the evening. Upon hearing an advance copy of the album, I’m inclined to agree with the adage that it’s the journey somewhere, and not necessarily the arrival that contains the real adventure.“
– Daphne Dakota for it’s Twilight Time, October 2008.

The Program & The Performers

Jaunt to Dreamland
John Orsi: roto toms, evelyn’s metals, keyboards.
Manny Silva: rhythm and jaunting guitars.

Water Pumps from Cloudland
John: snare and bass drum, hi-hat and ride cymbal, tambourine, keyboards, chants, whispers and very occasionally, actual singing.
Karen Orsi: static sky and chanting guitars.

Soothing Stars
John: keyboards, hollers, tri-tone toms, glockenspiel, tabletop percussion, wah wah guitar.

Evelyn’s Glen
John: keyboard, tabletop guitar, roto tom, mini timbale, evelyn’s metals, folded cymbal, tri-tone toms.
now playing!

Oblivion’s Poppied Slope
John: roto toms, cup chimes, keyboards.
Mike Marando:
airliner spring guitar. Manny: ebow guitar. Karen: construction guitars.

– imaginary side break –

Pictures of Delight
John: keyboard, roto tom, cup chime, mini timbale, ride cymbal, shaker, tambourine.

John: keyboards. Mike: guitars, voice over the bridge.

Bell Weather
John: keyboards, shaker, scratch stick. Karen: sleepy birds guitar.

Venus for Everyone
John: keyboards, roto tom, floor toms, evelyn’s metals, ride and crash cymbal.

apparently, a hidden track


Knitting By Twilight
"riding the way back",
the new EP, available now!



Listen to excerpts from
"An Evening Out of Town"

Track Listing
1 Jaunt to Dreamland
2 Water Pumps from Cloudland
3 Soothing Stars
4 Evelyn’s Glen
5 Oblivion’s Poppied Slope
6 Pictures of Delight
7 Audrey
8 Bell Weather
9 Venus for Everyone
10 Apparently, A Hidden Track


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