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Knitting By Twilight was first organized in sound and vision during the Spring of 1994 by musicians/composers John Orsi and Michael Watson. Initially, the Collective was percolated to be a springboard for compositional ideas unsuited in nature for either player's regular combo.

As these things often do, Knitting By Twilight, and its distribution imprint it’s Twilight Time, developed into full fledged concerns all their own. The Collective, then as now, features a cast of revolving characters (including, but not limited to, the rather significant talents of guitarists Manny Silva and Mike Marando) but for John Orsi, who from the start has been in continuous service.

Rather than carry on with this dazzling narrative with regard to describing the sonic patter and din of the Twilighters en masse, here’s what writers far more adept than we have had to say about the works published thus far, the eponymously titled debut Knitting By Twilight, the follow-up story Heavy Hearts & Safety Nets and KBT's contributions to the it's Twilight Time compilation Moments of Suspension, the EP Someone to Break the Silence, and An Evening Out of Town, respectively .


"...haunting melodies with a rhythmic beat...Knitting is incredible."
-Underground Zine Scene

"Moody, esoteric and hypnotic."
-B Side

"...very unique and highly recommended."
"...enchanting melodies and poignant themes."
-Vanishing Point
"This cd has the elegance, refinement and mystery one expects
of a long-cellered wine recently unearthed."
-MARC S. TUCKER writing in Camera Obscura

"Yet another gem...carrying the listener on a memorable journey
of musical landscapes."
-Digital Artifact
"Little dribs of gothic moods...hints of industrial...martial all adds up to an eclectic vision of spacious time and place."
-The Big Take-Over
"Experimental mood pop-a masterful piece of rock
tinged electronica."
"KBT has been a nice surprise in the electronic-progressive-experimental territories. You will find rhythmic hypnotism and plenty of inspiration in these two highly recommended works."
-J.J. IGLESAS writing in the Spanish magazine Atropos


"Four groups are covered in this short anthology of unreleased work and they all have thathazy beauty Orsi is justly praised for. Nothing is assaultive, everything is layered,sparkling in gauzy splendor, unassuming but gently firm and quietly expository. Orsi styles somewhat after Bruford...Temperament and thought pervade his craftsmanship, oft magnified by filigree and shimmering pastels."
-MARC S. TUCKER writing in Progression Magazine

"Defying classification, Knitting By Twilight is progressive and
atmospheric, pensive and minimalist. The limited lyrical content and
focus on percussion results in a sort of modern chamber music that
seeks to create mood more than anything else. The atmospheric nature of Someone to Break the Silence lets it easily into the background, but close attention reveals distinct variations in mood from song to song."
-BRIAN MCGRATH writing in Northeast Performer

Someone to Break the Silence is an album with remarkable and varied stylistic textures that mix the Dark Neofolk with Ambient atmospheres, or the meditative airs with romantic Pop and
Psychedelic Rock.
The music has a pleasant freshness, thanks to the imaginative melodies and architectures."
-ALEJANDRO HINOJOSA writing in Amazing Sounds
"Knitting By Twilight invent electronic trance-inducing rhythms, embellishing
them with clever sound bytes, bells, whistles and basically anything that will add color and depth to the composition and arrnagement. The end result is a truly artful auditory experience"
writing in Metronome Magazine

"The opening "Sigh" and closing "Audrey" are unusual instrumentals: the former isguitar-as-orchestra led by Mike Marando, with "gitcello" that transfixes like a hypnotist, the latter is an indescribable, possibly keyboard waft with
a just-before-sleep feeling. As intriguing, "Holiday to Holiday" might be like the nicer moments of The Cure's otherwise harrowing Pornography. Elements of such Goth, tribal, and experimental music also inform. "Mr. Santini", which has a more caustic air. As usually, this is music as artist collective."
-JACK RABID writing in The Big Take-Over


"Though the tracks can vary significantly, there's always a consonance of integrity, instrumental coloratura, and silky invention. Suited for contemplation, activelistening, backdrop ambience, and candlelight wistfulness, KBT is always a remedy for whatever might be provoking vexations with the world."
-MARC S. TUCKER writing in Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

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