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Knitting By Twilight
riding the way back
riding the way back

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riding the way back

This ep is comprised mostly of material that wouldn’t, couldn’t and otherwise didn’t fit onto the previous Knitting By Twilight album, An Evening Out of Townfor mostly thematic considerations. They’re presented here in all their guitar driven and metals clanging glory. And these would be Shiver, Mik’s Glacier and Twirling Guitars and Glad Tambourines. They’re accompanied by an alternate version of Blue Ink for Fountain Pens, which features the blue and brooding guitar of Mike Marando, and is altogether different from the more docile mix included on the debut Knitting By Twilight album of the same name. Also included here is a minimalist version of She’s Not Here She’s Far Ahead, from the Knitting By Twilight ep “Someone to Break the Silence.” In the spirit of its reductionist treatment, it’s been titled She’s Here.

– John Orsi, Spring 2009.

The Program & The Performers

John Orsi: snare and bass drum, hi-hats, folded cymbal, glockenspiel, keyboards.
Karen Orsi: principal electric guitar.
Manny Silva: bass, shivering guitar.
Mike Marando:
acoustic guitar, electric guitar at coda.

Mik’s Glacier Now Playing
John: radia hi-hats, roto toms, evelyn’s metals, folded cymbal, toy top, keyboards, electric percussions.
Mike: all manner of glacial guitars.

She’s Here
John: evelyn’s metals, keyboard, sound sculpture.
Karen: guitars.

Blue Ink for Fountain Pens
alternate version
John: tuned and decidedly un-tuned percussions.
Mike: blue guitar.
with Michael Watson: keyboards.

Twirling Guitars and Glad Tambourines
John: roto toms, boomywang and bell tree, radia hi-hats, glad tambourines, glockenspiel, mini xylophone, whistle and chant.
Karen: all manner of twirling guitars.



Now Playing
Miks Glacier

Track Listing
1 Shiver
2 Mik’s Glacier
3 She’s Here
4 Blue Ink for Fountain Pens
5 Twirling Guitars and Glad Tambourines


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