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Notes from the Collectors Corner

While reviewing material for works in progress, I came across these merry misfits 
hidden there in the tape closet. Oddly enough, although written and recorded 
at very different times, this assemblage of compositions seem of a 
harmonious flow and persuasion, and moreover, seem to complete a picture 
I wasn't even aware needed completing until now.         
The tracks are in various states of being, some being more than others, 
and indeed some mixes more well-tempered than others. 
It's been decided to let these takes stand on their own merits, 
rather than alter the performances at this far removed place in time.
And so it goes that after some persistent coaxing from 
other musicians and responsible people alike, thery're now 
presented to you, the listening world for consideration.

John Orsi, Autumn 2003

Knitting By Twilight  -  Song One 2
"A different take and treatment of an earlier composition titled 'Song One', 
which appeared on the second KBT ep 'Heavy Hearts and Safety Nets'."  More >
Blueshift Signal  -  Float
"This was in the band's concert set while playing in support of ' the Waterside ep', 
and seemed a good choice for an instrumental complilation the band was 
asked to participate in at the time."  More >
Overflower  -  Cafe without words
"As the title implies, a wordless version of a track released 
on the second Overflower cd ' Flora and Fauna'."  More >
Incandescent Sky  -  Light House
"While most of this collection is taken up by tunes which have been, 
up until now, searching for a happy home of related themes."  More >
Knitting By Twilight  -  Sad Top
"A track that was recorded for the first Knitting By Twilight ep 
but left off for thematic reasons."  More >

Knitting By Twilight  -  Swallowed (parts 2 &3)/Knitting By Twilight
Radio Broadcast   "Between writing rehearsals and the first 
Knitting By Twilight  ep recording sessions, KBT played a handfull 
of live dates to both roadtest the material and to challenge the ability to
 perform same in front of you lot, the general public."  More >

Knitting By Twilight  -  Oba
"This is the original score for Rhode Island School of Design 
film graduate Alexandra Meijer-Werner's short subject 'Mudra'."  More >


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