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28 February 2013


John Orsi
" A Room for the Night " comprises six instrumental tracks of sound designs, blending 'proper and improper' instruments together with field recordings and found sounds. Track titles are: Crescent Park, Hodges' Lodge, Jaldi, Togetherness, Companion Wheel and Two Trains Passing in the Night (not that many trains pass in my nights anymore).
Other Project Updates: John has contributed tracks to Hal McGee's Cassette Compilations #6 and #7 in the series. "Ruth Evershed" appears on number six, whilst "Ruth is Stranger than Harry" (under the alias Whirled Traveler) appears on number seven-just released. Please visit haltapes.com. Following the Holiday break, John has also returned to recording what's likely to be a follow-up to 'A Room for the Night'. No word just yet as to titles and scenarios, but we hope he'll turn it in for Spring/Summer release. More from the studios soon.

Knitting By Twilight
Knitting By Twilight The newest album 'Weathering', is still available, but there are less than fifty remaining copies of the special edition. Don't delay, order your copy today, if you haven't done so already, as future pressings will revert to traditional packaging. Eight modern instrumentals, curious and changeable. Track titles as follows : A Thousand Islands/Clouds and Stars/Heavy Water/Biddeford Pool/Harold's Budds/The Doorman's Dairy Dream/Rainy Day Trains/Weathering.Featuring performances by John Orsi, Manny Silva and Mike Marando. Limited, numbered edition cd vessel (specialty sized six panels, suitable for framing) featuring art from William Bouguereau. Follow, fan and befriend Knitting By Twilight on Facebook, My Space and Twitter.

Incandescent Sky
UPDATE-the band is currently working out venue and sound production specifics for a new live album to be recorded Winter/Spring 2013.

View the official band website,JUST POSTED at the site: Fine, splendid and otherwise quite fabulous print and webzine notices from around the globe. Have a look. In addition, one can follow, fan and befriend Incandescent Sky on Facebook


Herd of Mers
Karen Orsi rang in to say that she has been preparing for a West Coast tour as second guitarist for the band Scarce, and has been singing in New York and Providence as a member of the Assembly of Light Choir. She has also been very busy teaching guitar as part of the music organization Girls Rock! Rhode Island, and will be working on material for a follow up album to 2008's "Aurora Caught Napping"in the winter of 2012.



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