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Herd of Mers

A Dreampop Quartet


The project that was to become the band Overflower, began its existence as a solo studio endeavor of bassist and singer/songwriter Marc Bouchard. Not far along in the proceedings, it became readily apparent that a group sound was in the making.

Jason Bouchard joined on first guitar, Karen Orsi was invited in on second guitar and vocals, and within weeks, John Orsi was drafted to replace the effervescent but slightly slack drum machine in use to that point.

Quartet rehearsals began 5 May 1998, and under the ivy, the first of three cds to be released to the present day, was subsequently developed as the band found its footing.

The resulting blend of pastoral atmospherics, world-weary and wise vocals and pan-global rhythms proved some winning ways. The band, buoyed by the gentle embrace from you lot, the general public, carried on with the release of flora and fauna in 1999, and the much heralded Water On Mars in the autumn of 2001.

The band, having written the majority of the material for their much anticipated follow-up to 'Water On Mars' are presently on retreat, as much delayed side projects are being nurtured and attended to. More from the studios as we know it.


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